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Thanks for asking! I'm Kathy Rogers - a technology professional by day and quilter the rest of the time. I'm passionate about creating pretty things with colorful fabric. Once I learned to quilt I found my niche. 

Memorial Day weekend, 2012 I went with my husband to visit his college friends in Michigan. They have a log cabin on a lake and it was so tranquil! But what I took away with me was a lasting memory of the beautiful quilts his friend, Ann, had made that decorated the cabin. I was fascinated!


To compound it, we stayed over the state line in Sauder, Ohio at Sauder VIllage where there were stunning quilts hanging everywhere. I thought about it more and more when we got home. I had a brand new sewing machine that barely got used and found a beginner class at a local quilt shop. I've never looked back!  I am so in love with quilting! I've made good friends with my new hobby and always have unique gifts to give.

Since then I have significantly upgraded my sewing machine and have added machine embroidery to my growing list of things to do with fabric. And speaking of fabric... boy have I accumulated quite the stash! And it keeps growing as people pass along fabric they no longer need. So I need to keep sewing to keep up!

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