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This lovely phone case has a pocket with a snap to hold your phone on one side and a zippered pocket on the other to hold your ID card, money, debit card, key, etc. It can be created with a wrist strap that comes off the side of the case or a cross body strap that attaches at the top of the bag. The perfect solution for running out to do errands and not having enough pockets!


The bag comes in six sizes to accomodate any size phone. When you measure your phone, make sure you include the size of any case you use with it so it fits in the pocket.

Phone Case

  • Sizes:

    Measure your phone, including case, to see which size to order:

    Size 1 3.85 x 6.75
    Size 1 Tall 3.85 x 7.25
    Size 2 3.6 x 6.25
    Size 2 Tall 3.6 x 6.75
    Size 3 3.35 x 5.75
    Size 3 Tall 3.35 x 6.25


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